Hulu’s star-studded campaign piles on the video views

October 2, 2018 6:40 pm Published by

Hulu nearly overpowered all the competition in video advertising this week with a celebrity campaign trying to position the service as just too good. It couldn’t take the top spot though, narrowly trailing a returning T-Mobile campaign.

As always the chart reflects both so-called organic, voluntary views and paid advertising, which predominates.

Viral Video Chart
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T-Mobile Has You Covered

Views this week11,910,886
Spot last week3
Never Get Hulu

Views this week10,231,111
Spot last weekNEW
JOY by Dior

Views this week7,439,912
Spot last week2
Best For A Good Reason
Back on Chart
Views this week5,735,493
Spot last weekBack on Chart
Thomas & Joy

Views this week4,514,656
Spot last weekNEW
Breitling Cinema Squad

Views this week4,440,767
Spot last weekNEW
Views this week4,368,236
Spot last week5
Back on Chart
Views this week4,083,672
Spot last weekBack on Chart
Enhance Your Writing

Views this week3,915,821
Spot last week4
Electric Has Gone Audi

Views this week3,469,551
Spot last week8


Source: AcuityAds

Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart, powered by AcuityAds, focuses on brand-driven social video ad campaigns. Each campaign is measured by True Reach, a proprietary metric that includes views from brand-driven and audience-driven social video clips. The data are compiled using the patented AcuityAds platform, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on hundreds of millions of videos tracked across hundreds of online video destinations.

Note: This analysis includes all publicly available video views on branded video content. This chart does not include movie trailers, video game campaigns, TV show, or television network promotions. View counts are incremental by week.

**Indicates percent change in views compared with the same period the week before.

To notify AcuityAds of an upcoming social video ad campaign, please contact AcuityAds directly.

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