If Alex Jones screams on Google+, will anyone hear him?

August 8, 2018 2:50 pm

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If Alex Jones is screaming on Google+, will anyone hear him?

Major distribution and markting platforms such as Apple, Facebook, Google’s YouTube, LinkedIn and Spotify this week removed content and pages by Jones, long known for claiming that the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre was staged and more recently for accusing Robert Mueller of pedophilia. They cited violations of their terms of service.

He remains active on Twitter, however, because that platform says it hasn’t detected a violation of its terms. And he has remained busy on other channels as well. His message might not capture the same audience as it did on YouTube and Facebook, but he retains avenues to generate revenue from the tech platforms, ones that that aren’t necessarily as visible to the public eye.

Google has periodically informed users that it would shut down inactive pages on Google+, but Jones was never in any danger on that front, as he’s been consistently posting to his 20,000 followers there each day and well before the actions against him by Apple and others.

He continued on Monday, posting the news that “YouTube has officially terminated The Alex Jones Channel from their video platform as part of their political purge of the internet in preparation for the midterms and the 2020 presidential election.”

Google+, of course, never fulfilled Google’s ambitions to rival Facebook’s reach. Jones’s Monday post has a total of seven comments from other Google+ users.

A screenshot of a post published on Alex Jones' <a href=Google+ page; the post had a total of seven comments." title="A screenshot of a post published on Alex Jones' Google+ page; the post had a total of seven comments." class="x-large"/> A screenshot of a post published on Alex Jones’ Google+ page; the post had a total of seven comments.

Google and Jones did not immediately respond to request for comment Wednesday.

The platforms’ actions against him, meanwhile, have driven the popularity of his InfoWars app to No. 3 on the iPhone’s download charts from 31st.

And his InfoWars website is still collecting analytics data and serving ads through Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers and Facebook Custom Audiences, according to Evidon and BuiltWith.com, which identify what’s under the hood of any given website.

At least one website has been less resilient. The Daily Stormer, which itself as “The World’s Most Genocidal Republican Website,” was booted from Google web hosting services after it published a controversial article regarding Heather Heyer, who died at the hands of white nationalists during protests in Charlottesville, Va.

The website ultimately moved its publication to the so-called dark web, where it still resides.

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