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Credit: Nike via YouTube

It’s a good day here at viral video central: We have no quibbles with the top posts, an unusual event we’re marking down.

At No. 1 is Nike’s “Dream Crazy,” and we’ d say that’s no surprise except that ads with social currency aren’t necessarily reflected here week to week. But there’s no denying that the feel-good, go-for-broke, just-do-it inspirational spot — starring, despite coming near the end, Colin Kaepernick–has caught on with the masses, paid placements or not.

The Fiat ad at No. 2, “A Taste of Tomorrow. Today,” a “Back to the Future”-esque tale of a young British couple on the road hurtled into the present day (their surprise at the car’s smart features is a great way to show off the goods), has narrative logic, humor and a twist ending. What more can you ask for?

As always, the view counts reflect both organic views initiated by consumers and paid views generated through ad placements.

Viral Video Chart
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Dream Crazy

Views this week36,275,396
Spot last week3
A Taste of Tomorrow. Today.

Views this week6,394,934
Spot last week5
Write the Future

Views this week4,987,553
Spot last week8
Investing in Our Communities
Back on Chart
ClientWells Fargo
Views this week3,810,435
Spot last weekBack on Chart
Back on Chart
Views this week3,661,213
Spot last weekBack on Chart
Enhance Your Writing

Views this week3,385,070
Spot last week10
Back on Chart
Views this week2,720,087
Spot last weekBack on Chart
Chase the Sun
Back on Chart
Views this week2,647,837
Spot last weekBack on Chart
Hydris Mouthwash

Views this week1,995,861
Spot last weekNEW
The New Johnson’s, Choose Gentle

ClientJohnson’s Baby
Views this week1,914,720
Spot last weekNEW


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