Social Employee Advocacy: How To Use Content Curation To Get Better Results

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To succeed in Content Marketing it’s essential to create quality content that provides answers to the questions your target audience have. The more accurate answer you’ll be able to contribute, the bigger impact you’ll have. It’s a no-brainer.

Once your content is published, it’s very important to promote it. Why invest so much time and effort creating your content if no one sees it? Several techniques exist to share your content:

  • Share your posts (and reshare multiple times) on your social media channels over the next few weeks
  • Distribute content via email
  • Put in place an influencer marketing strategy
  • Share your content in online communities and niche social bookmarking sites
  • Get your co-workers to share your content on social media.

Let’s focus on the last point: get your co-workers to share your content can make a huge difference.

Why it’s important to put in place a social employee advocacy program?

In the age of declining organic reach on social media, it has never been more important to encourage employee advocacy online.

Maybe your company already has a big following on social media. But as a group, your employees can reach a far larger audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter than you’d be able to do on your own. Even if your company might have a big following on social media, as a group, your employees can reach a far larger audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter than you’d be able to do on your own. Employee advocacy is about turning employees into brand advocates, amplifying your company’s content, and increasing your audience reach.

Increasingly, companies invest in social selling to develop their business.

According to Linkedin’s Sales Solutions, social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately achieve your sales goals.

It’s easy to understand the role your team members will play. To reach the level of social selling you want, you need content.

Content curation plays a key role.

To be successful in your employee advocacy program, you have to suggest the right content to your employees so that they can feel comfortable with the content they will share with their followers. And be sure that your teammates don’t share company content only. They want to demonstrate their expertise and develop their personal brand. That’s why it will be super important for them to share industry news, other experts’ and influencers’ insights, etc.  

Moreover, sharing content from a third-party is also essential for your company:

  • To be credible: you need to show that you are not the only one to share your vision;
  • To build brand awareness: as your employees want to work their own e-reputation, you need also build your brand awareness;
  • To establish thought leadership: sharing the gems in your domain will help you establish yourself as a thought leader;
  • To send love to influencers and interact with the actors in your space: you will be identified by them and they will be glad to be quoted at the end;

That’s why content curation will play a key role in your social employee advocacy program.

Content curation + social employee advocacy = the perfect match.

As we are now convinced that content curation and social employee advocacy match perfectly, we want to continue to provide third-party content to employee advocacy platforms.

After our integration with Sociabble, we are now happy announce our brand new integration with Hawkeye, our advanced content curation tool using AI to filter and analyze content online with GaggleAMP. GaggleAmp is an employee advocacy platform that helps companies leverage the power of their employees’ passions to bolster marketing strategy.

GaggleAMP helps marketing teams suggest all sorts of social activities to their employees or fan communities. They suggest posts to like or comment on, Facebook or LinkedIn pages to follow, influencers’ tweets to share and retweet, etc. With Hawkeye, we bring third-party curated content so that you can offer a good mix between company content and third-party content.


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