Viral video chart: Sensitive fangs edition

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Credit: Hulu

The brightest spot here is at No. 1, Hulu’s “Never Get Hulu,” thanks to a celeb cast doing their acting thing pretty well. In general, though, the landscape is a little dull this week. An old-school Sensodyne commercial starring (actual?) dentists in white smocks (note: we have never seen a dentist in a white smock) droning on about teeth pretty much sums things up. Though, yeah, we perked up when we heard we could be eating chocolate ice cream again. Not that we have teeth problems.

As always, and quite pointedly this week in particular, the view counts reflect both organic views initiated by consumers and paid views generated through ad placements

Viral Video Chart
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Never Get Hulu

Views this week15,309,763
Spot last week2
Google Assistant: Now on Smart Displays

Views this week7,403,020
Spot last weekNEW
LG UltraWide Festival 2018

Views this week6,324,650
Spot last weekNEW
Friday’s Feast

ClientTGI Friday’s
Views this week5,961,262
Spot last weekNEW
Write the Future
Back on Chart
Views this week4,876,920
Spot last weekBack on chart
Enhance Your Writing

Views this week4,431,988
Spot last week9
How to Help Sensitive Teeth Fast

ClientHow to Help Sensitive Teeth Fast
Views this week4,030,211
Spot last weekNEW

Views this week3,884,979
Spot last week8
JOY by Dior

Views this week3,491,632
Spot last week3
Mathematician Commercial

Views this week3,293,533
Spot last weekNEW
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